Wake up early for the sunlight

Just a reminder to those of you who are in fall and entering that time of the year where there’s less sun. The darkness can depress some people. Jacket up and spend time outside! Wake up early to get enough sunlight. Sun helps you stay cheery. I watched the sunrise this morning and it was refreshing. Hoping to run outside later when it warms up.


That doesn’t work where I live.


Sorry to hear that. I know they sell UV lights that can help. Try one?


I’m not an early riser but the few times I’ve been up to see the sun rise I did feel better that day.


Thank you for giving us such good advice.

I see the sun rise when I leave for work, and the sun set before I leave :frowning:

Guess the positive is I finish a bit earlier!

I havent seen sunlight for days. Mind you i keep the windows blacked out - and its been murky here anyway. Im used to living in the dark - with just low coloured lights on - It makes me feel safer.

Hi!I have a UVA machine and puts me in good mood.
I use it every morning with my fauvorite music

Good advice I think. I used to watch the sun go down as regularly as possible as well as catching the occasional sunrise and it really helped bring peace into my mind I think. Haven’t done it for a while but maybe I should start again

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