Waiting too long for a doctor's appointment

The doctor switched me for one medicine and blood pressure 2 and older medicines that I took and was taken off of 4 side effects and now I’m having trouble with it the side effects are shortness of breath struggling with simple tasks and an irritating cough that makes me gag you don’t realize how mad that I am on this I almost want to go back to the one that bloated my feet and hands my doctor’s appointment is a week away I feel as if I’m in danger by going through this what would you do

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@DrZen If it we’re me i would be complaining to my doctor asap and maybe see what a different dr says

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I’d insist on seeing the dr or at least speaking over the phone. If you have shortness of breath you should go to the ER

Have you had COVID?

I have to manage my doctors. I have to feel along as to what is getting the right doctor/patient relationship and what is not.