Waiting till 5pm

It is currently 3:12pm and am waiting till 5pm to take my meds. Sometimes i feel a panic attack coming on so i want to take my meds. early than hopefully go to sleep. Today took my prn of busbar and clonazepam this afternoon. Wish was taking a higher dosage.Hope this will help me. Does anyone watch the clock closely? I’m thinking its 5 pm and I’m almost home free i might or not get a panic attack but it is ok because i’m taking my meds. then sleeping soon. Hate if i had panic attack before 5p like in the morning or mid afternoon would not know how to find peace of mind.

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I’ve heard how good it is to stick to routine times for taking meds.

It’s 3:39 PM here. I just took my medications. Waiting until about 5pm to go to bed. My friend wants to hang out but I think I’m overstimulated from Wellbutrin and a lot of caffeine. I might just tell him I can’t hang out.

Astefano, i feel the same way. I try to prevent overstimulation. One time i was out with my friends and felt a panic attack coming so i had to leave them early. When something is causing me grief i feel it contributes to my panic attacks.

I used to have to wait for my meds to be delivered everyday at around 7:45PM. I used to get head cramps and feel frustrated prior to this event everyday. All of that is gone now that I only have to take meds once every 28 days. Feels 10x better.