Waiting on a letter

Wrote to NP asking for supporting letter for PIP but got no reply. Phoned up on Monday she hadn’t received the letter. Said she would do one. Phoned up yesterday to check whether it had been done and sent out in case post was funny again. She’s written it but the admin haven’t typed it out and sent it. Stressed that I needed it by Tuesday/Wednesday. She said she would chase it up. Today still no letter.
It seems to me that if they want something of you you’re supposed to jump to attention but if it’s the other way round you are left hanging on.
They can phone if I am 50 minutes later than usual for a depot but they can’t type up and send a letter out that has probably been ready to send out several days.
It would be just my luck to get the letter after the deadline to send the form in. I will not be a happy bunny if that happens. It’s not as though I ask for much.

Can you just go in and get the untyped letter. Explain to them that you can’t wait.

I am not sure the benefits people would officially accept/recognise it unless it was typed out on official paper.

Best of luck with everything @firemonkey

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Keep chasing them, get the untyped letter if you can, so you’ll at least have something to put with the form.

No supporting letter from NP so far today but not sure if post has been or not. It’s sometimes late in this block of flats.
If the post has been then it’s unlikely to be posted till at least Monday which makes it touch and go whether I would get it in time.
So on Monday(if it doesn’t arrive today) I’ll be phoning the DWP for an extension.
I also be phoning my nurse practitioner again(she’ll be fed up with me) to ask what the hell is going on.
I really didn’t need the unnecessary stress. I guess this is what you get when you have a mental health service primarily geared to controlling patients through medication rather than adopting a supportive,holistic approach that covers the wide spectrum of patients’ needs.

I’ve learned not to trust the promises of the staff where I am. They’ve blatantly lied to me before just for expediency. Live and learn.

Just received the letter today. It’s not brilliant. Basically just says my diagnosis and says it’s a likely to be a chronic and lifelong condition.
Then says how long I’ve been under Sept services ,since 2002(according to her) which is when I got a care co ordinator . In fact I’ve been receiving psychiatric care since 1973!
When it comes to factual details mental health trusts are often woefully inaccurate.
For example I’ve known them say my last admission was in 1993 when it was in 1983.
Once had a report to the police when I went missing from hospital saying I was 5-6
and sounded South African. I’m 5-11 and speak with a received pronunciation .
I guess the letter is better than nothing and she does says if they want further info to contact her (her name is down on the form anyway).

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