Waiting it through

I am trying my best to be strong. I’m constantly hearing voices saying that they are coming to kill me and that I just do not realize that it’s real this time. I’m constantly telling myself it’s not real. I remind myself that I have schizophrenia. That during my last hospital stay I believed in hundreds of different delusions and none of them were real. Not just the hospital. I’ve had schizophrenia since 1992 I have a long history of voices telling me I’m going to die I cant even count how many times I have had threatening voices and NONE of them have ever come true. So I have a strong foundation here. It’s just that I keep hearing the voices… they dont stop. I know that it’s just a matter of time… It will eventually pass and I know it will… it has in the past and it will now. it’s just the waiting is so nerve racking.

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You have insight so that’s a good thing.


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