Waiting for backorder of meds

So I get my script of Saphris filled at Walmart. Its kind of stupid because its so far away from my home but I’ve been getting my scripts filled from them since from when I didn’t have insurance because they have those $4 meds and I never changed pharmacies. Every time I go to refill they are out of stock. I think I am their only customer to use the stuff and they only order it for me and don’t keep it on hand. This time I go to get my refill and it is back ordered and they don’t have a date when it’ll be in. So I didn’t take it last night because I was out, so I haven’t slept and I have a splitting headache. I wonder if its just Walmart pharmacy that is out of stock or NYS. I don’t know how orders are filled. I’m waiting for 8 o’clock to roll around so I can call the clinic to ask for samples. Which sucks because then I’ll have to waste gas to drive all the way out there to pick it up. I have trouble with this script every month. Its either something with the insurance or they don’t have it. Although, If I’m truthful, I’ll admit that I’m partly to blame for not giving more than 1-2 days notice to get the script refilled. I just don’t comprehend that I need to refill until there are no more left.

Its not just you @Skims - everytime I go to my local pharmacy here in town, they do not have it in stock - I get brand name drugs - they carry lots of generics from what I understand.
I normally get my meds via mail through my insurance, its cheaper - they are always stocked.
I am frankly fed up with the local pharmacies - they never carry anything in stock and I always end up waiting for them anyway

I’m thinking of changing to the local village pharmacy. Maybe I’ll get better care there. I stopped going there when I started taking AP’s because I didn’t want the neighborhood and pharmacist to know about the sza. But then a couple of months ago the pharmacists son got arrested for jumping the fence at the White House. Turns out he has SZ! So now I feel okay about getting my script filled there. The pharmacist talked on the local news and newspapers about sz and caregiving for her son.

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Day 3 or is it 4 without meds. The clinic was closed yesterday due to the holiday and I didn’t get samples the day before because I think the receptionist didn’t understand why I was calling and didn’t tell the Dr. The pharmacy called back tho. They can get me 5mg tablets, instead of the 10mg which are backordered, but now the insurance won’t cover them because I’m only allowed 90 pills a month and with the 5mg I’d need 180 pills. My med book said there wasn’t any withdrawal from Saphris but I’ve got a splitting headache and I can’t regulate my body temperature. I go from hot, sweating to freezing every couple of minutes. Caffeine seems to help the headache, but the Aleve I have isn’t touching it. I did get some sleep last night but it was really restless. I will say this is not as bad as Effexor withdrawal, so I shouldn’t complain because I’ve been through that already with my non-med compliance.

I was getting my seroquel filled at a food store back when it was on patent. I think it was $1000 a month.
When I picked it up the young clerk asked loud enough that the whole line could hear, “wow this is expensive, what’s it for?” I was so mortified I never went to that store again

When I went to therapy yesterday, my social worker said I should call him from now on and he’ll make sure I get samples when I need them. Don’t talk to the receptionist, they have problems with her for some reason he wouldn’t explain. He went to the NP, who was on her lunch break and got samples for me. Only a 20 day supply. Walmart won’t get a shipment in for another month, so I’ll need more samples in 20 days. What a relief, I slept 12 hours, my headache is gone, but still having trouble regulating body temperature. I made an appointment with the pdoc because I overslept and missed my last one. I’m going to ask to lower my dose of Saphris from 30mg. The effective range is 10-20mg, now that I’m not in the hospital or in active psychosis there is no reason to be at such a high dose. A lower more maintenance dose would be better.

Yeah local pharmacies, especially those located in markets can be very negligent.
This local pharmacy still owes me 5 Klonopin tablets - they never gave it to me, its been several months now.
I decided to do away with local pharmacies and have been ordering my meds by mail in bulk, its cheaper

I get all my medication mailed to me. It’s timed so that I am never without, even for a couple days. I don’t believe there’s any extra charge for having them mailed.

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