Wading through sludge

#ActuallyAutistic #mentalhealth #Schizophrenia Today’s one of those days where it feels like my mind is having to wade through thick, ever hardening sludge. Mental stamina levels are low.


I feel the same. I’ve been this way all week though. It’s like an alcohol hangover but I don’t drink.

My last “good” day was Sunday.

It’s beginning to grind me down.


I’m sorry @firemonkey
Hopefully you’ll feel better soon.


Thanks both of you.@everhopeful to me it puts a large X for WRONG against any idea that how you’re doing one day/week is a sure sign of how you’ll do the next day/week. For someone like me it’s worrying , but for a younger person in work where consistency and reliability are required it can result in losing a job that’s helped to boost that person’s sense of selfworth.

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I feel really off today

Had to wait for a customer to pay the final bill. I was paranoid that he’d not pay me, as I had issues before with a customer a while ago that I posted about here

My family booked a dinner out this evening which I do not want to do. I feel awful and just want to go to bed

Not sure if my birthday also is making me stressed

I hate days like this

It can be very hard when something like that happens to resist the thought that it might happen again . I think it’s part of the illness.

I don’t like this feeling. The person who caused this has a lot to answer for.

Not sure if some people realise how bad their actions can impact other people who have underlying issues mentally

Really has taken it out of me

I worry so much when payments are due

Try my best to do a good job, but this person who caused me trouble did not appreciate the effort at all

I have seen gardens that were recently landscaped, and they want me to fix the problems, and this guy who refused to pay me doesn’t realise how good he got it with us doing it for him

So frustrating

I know the warning signs now and not to work for people like that

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