W2 or 1099?

Are you employed? Are you a wage/salary employee or a 1099 independent contractor?

  • W2
  • 1099
  • Both
  • I don’t work

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What’s W2 and 1099? Never heard of those.

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I have a full time job I get a W2 for. You could say it’s hourly. I get an annual salary and only work 40 hours a week.

I also work part time as an aircraft mechanic and get a 1099 but I don’t do that very often at all anymore. I am never available when they call me usually so they pretty much quit calling.

I also get a 1099 for my military retired pay. They take out taxes though so I don’t have that headache every year.

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Tax forms in the US

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I can’t work. 15

W2 typically is for wage/ salary employees of a company. With 1099, one is technically not an employee even tho s/he may work for the company, termed independent contractor or self employed. An example of each would be working at mcDonalds (w2) and working as an Uber/ Lyft driver (1099). There are tax implications among both.

…and it’s okay that you can’t or don’t work, hopefully the poll will give some inspiration that it can be done.

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Did you have a late onset sz? I had thought about joining the military when I left college, but by then it was too late, the damage had been done so to speak. Instead i reregistered after a short absence and got my degree.

What do you do full time? I would love to work full time but I’d burn out within a few months. I currently am a part time wage employee and collect disability along with covid related unemployment insurance. All in all it totals an entry level full time wage.

Thanks for explaining, now its clear. I know here in Canada tax paper is called T4.

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Yes. I was late onset. It didn’t hit me until 38. The Marine Corps let me do four years schizophrenic though. I retired with full benefits at 42. It was tough. I was really sick and didn’t know it. After I retired I still tried to work full time until I was 45 without much luck and then went on SSDI.

But I am off of SSDI now and work full time again. I was 48 when I went back to work and came off SSDI. Now I am 50.

I collect taxes for the IRS. It’s a federal job. I am not really good at it but they haven’t fired me yet.

I didn’t think this was allowed per standards.

I work as a data operator for a private company. It’s remote and easy work, about 15 hours per week. Prior, I was an independent contractor for 4.5 years. 30 hour work week but the commission pay was good. I kept at it until I relapsed last June and by august I was out of the company. I reinstated ssdi and have been working part time since. No plans on exerting myself with anything more difficult.

Well it’s a long story. I got sick in 2008 but they let me try to recover. I wasn’t immediately diagnosed with schizophrenia. They said I had adjustment disorder. I went on meds and even got cleared for full duty again and then they loaded me up with stress again with a really big project and I failed and got fired again.

I was in and out of the hospital and day treatment the whole time. In 2009 they changed my diagnosis to delusional disorder but still let me try to get better. It was always schizophrenia. I was a pilot though and schizophrenia was a kiss of death so I am glad they didn’t rush to judgement.

My third hospitalization in 2010 and I got the paranoid schizophrenia label. That’s when they said I didn’t meet retention standards and medical boarded me. But I was less than 2 years from retirement at that point and I applied for permanent limited duty to get to 20 years and I got approved.

It was a lot of fighting. I appealed everything. I never thought I was sick. I retired in 2012 and I didn’t actually figure out something was wrong with me until 2014.

They were right. I was wrong.

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Sounds like something you’d see on tv or the movies. You should write a book or blog, I’d read it. I wouldn’t have lasted a day in basic anytime before or after being diagnosed sz. I’m now 42 and am considering working for lesser pay with part time hours til I retire. It’s just not worth it for me to strain myself into poor health. But hopefully I can acquire property and have some equity when I retire.

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I did write a book. Haven’t published it yet. And honestly I need to edit it a good bit before then. I rushed through the end of it. I was waiting for a good ending and going back to work full time was it.

I want to work until I can get Social Security again at retirement age but I am still in the extended period of eligibility with Social Security. If I get fired I can go back on SSDI. If I don’t make it I probably won’t try again. I am so tired of failing. Things used to be easy for me and now everything is just so hard.

I was used to making good money before I got sick so I don’t like being on a fixed income.

I think you’ve accomplished what most only daydream about. Served your country, home ownership, i think you’re the guy with all those cars (i could be mistaken). no failing, maybe just onto the next adventure.

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Yeah. I have a lot of vehicles and a nice home. More motivation to keep working.

I am doing well for as sick as I am. But it takes a lot of effort.

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