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Glad to Have Grabbed Your Attention.

Have You Ever Been Around Someone That is Never Happy?.

No Matter What You Say, Or What You Do?.

And You Always Feel Like You Have Done Something Wrong?.

Even Though You Are Completely Innocent?.

I Have Found That Some People Are So Miserable That They Have No Other Way to Function, Unless Everyone Else is Miserable.

They Laugh at Others Misfortunes. Thinking They Are On Top Of The World.

When in Reality, They Are at The Bottom of a Very, Very, Very, Very Lonely Well.

And When The Reality Sets in Upon Their Function in Society Hits.

It Will Be Too Late.


In Conclusion.

Be Careful What You Wish For.

For There is Much to Learn in Thus Universe.

Much More Than Blaming The Innocent For a Lifetime of Problems You Brought Onto Yourself.

(Side Note): Thus Original Post is Not About Anyone on Thus Forum. :slight_smile:



I Have Once Heard Someone Say,

Peace is Weakness.

Now Think About That.


Say it to Yourself,

Peace is Weakness.

Long Ago,

When I Was Much Younger Than Today,

I Seen a Very Popular Political Clip of a Man Alone,

In The Middle of an Empty Highway,

During a War Perhaps,

During Some Sort of Political Turmoil Somewhere,

Maybe Even in The United States of America.




In Front of a Tank.

Now Look at That Image in Your Mind.

An Unarmed Man,

Arguing With The Government’s Military,

A Tank No Less,

With Nothing in His Pocket But Probably a Picture of His Daughter.

Now Say it Again.

Peace is Weakness.

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The State of Your Affairs.

Extremely Negative.

The Misery Speaks in The Realm of The Troublesome Ideas of Reference.

A Sphere of Fear. Guided By Symbolism.

Perhaps Ancient Prophecy. Perhaps Random Spiritual Sticks And Stones.

It’s Real. It’s Delusion. It’s Reality. It’s Fantasy. It’s Imagination. Dreams. Waking Hours of Helplessness.

The Past of Other’s in Turmoil Teaches The Ending of Lashing Out. Upon Self or Outside of.

I Once Wandered Down The Road Filled With Bright Lights And Traffic.

Going North.

As Far as I Could Go.

No Plans on Stopping.

The Lights From The Cars Were Beautiful.

I Walked Out of The Cave And Searched For Eternal/External Freedom.

I Wasn’t in Chaos Away From That Terrible Cave Filled to The Brim With Lies.

Music Magazines Ripped in Half From Ghosts as I Slept.

To Discover That My Dreams Were an Insult to The Meaningless.

They Have No Purpose So I Guess My Indifference to Their Endless Regrets Returns The Favor.

Peace is Weakness.




And The Night.

Walking North. With No Compass. And No Map… . … :100:

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Surround yourself with positive people…you are after all judged by the company you keep.

Unless You Have Been Trapped Over a Course of Many Years in The Neverending Quicksand of Lies… . … :100:

You can’t choose family, but you can choose friends.

What if One Decides That Justification is More Important Upon a Broader Scale Resting Upon The Microscope of NASA Like Embers (???)… . … :100:

Not sure what that means…you’re getting a little tangential on me.

Strange Choice of Words… . … :100:

tangential definition:

" diverging from a previous course or line; erratic."

Please Explain Your Slightly Offended Manner Upon My Individualistic Form Upon Pressing Matters… . … :100:

Oh, no…I wasn’t offended…just thought you were drifting away a bit from the original topic.

You post in a cryptic manner quite often, but I’m slowly getting the hang of your writing style. You’re an acquired taste in my opinion. :wink:

If Marijuana is Legal in Your State.

What Type of Marijuana Would I Be?.

What Flavor Perhaps (???)… . … :100:

Weed is legal now in Canada where i live…but I don’t smoke weed, just cigarettes. Don’t even know what flavours weed comes in.

Soz 2 Hear Dat… . … :100:

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