Vraylar efficacy?

Anyone has info on Vraylar’s efficacy in treating positive symptoms? I didn’t find any info on it.
I just found info about strength of other antipsychotics but not Vraylar.

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Some of the newer meds like Abilify and Latuda I found to be less effective than some of the older ones I have been on.

They don’t agree with me unfortunately.

I do also want to know more about this drug

The pharmacist in my county said it’s not available in my area even though it has been approved for use in the UK


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Oh cool, when was it approved? I hope it means that it will get approved here in Canada soon.

It will probably be available soon if it was approved.

I think in 2019

Things have been slow through this pandemic

Might ask again for it soon

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I wasn’t stable on Latuda even at 120mg. I was stable on 20-25mg Abilify.

I think it is subjective, statistically Latuda’s efficiency is comparable to Risperidone.

Latuda made me feel unbearably sick in the end.

Abilify cost me my drivers license because the doctor told the license agency here that my side effects were agitation, anxiety, insomnia and restlessness.

Pisses me off that he did that and didn’t change the med sooner

Where did you read this? Wikipedia says Latuda is much weaker than Risperdal, something like 36% weaker I think.

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Well hopefully Vraylar is better for you.

I am ■■■■ out of options.

My avoidance of weight gaining drugs means I am limited in my options.

I’m on 1.5mg of Vraylar, and it helps a good deal in conjunction with my main AP, Latuda 120mg. I still have occasional positive symptoms, but not as bad as before I was on Vraylar.

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It says:

“All-cause discontinuation rates were higher for lurasidone versus risperidone.”

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I had positive symptoms while on Latuda.

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But you also had them on olanzapine?

Yea that’s what my pdr said. Olanzapine simply didn’t work, incompatible with me.

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Do you have disorganized thinking as a positive symptoms? If so does vraylar help?

Do you have disorganized thinking as a symptom? If so des vraylar help you with that?

No, no disorganized thinking.