Vraylar dosing

Who takes Vraylar and how do you dose?

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I don’t take it, but I did a little research when I was considering it, (I chose Rexuti and am happy I did) and they should start you off on 1.5mg and then move you to 3mg for what we have. They just have you on 1.5mg for a day because they see if you can “tolerate” the drug, which really means they give you a little bit and see if it makes you feel like crap the next day, and if it does, they get a call from you saying that you feel like crap, and they discontinue the treatment.

They aim for 3mg per day, with 6mg being the most they typically give anyone.

@wave has just started taking it.

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Yeah, he did just switch to it from Risperdal. I switched from Geodon to Rexulti. I saw that he reviewed it in a post

perhaps this answers some questions you have


Vraylar Doses - For Bipolar Disorder -Starting Dose 1.5mg -Target Dose 3mg - 6mg

For Schizophrenia - Starting Dose 1.5mg - Target Dose 1.5mg - 6 mg

I will be staying on the 1.5mg dose of Vraylar - I dont know if I will go any higher to the 3mg dose.

1.5mg is an actual therapeutic dose for Schizophrenia - Vraylar is a pretty potent AP and 1.5mg is enough for me so far.
If I start to get worse, I will have to jump to the 3mg Dose.

Vraylar comes in these doses (Capsule Form) 1.5mg - 3mg - 4.5mg - 6 mg (which is equivalent to 20 mg of Abilify)

I would stay on as little as possible with it because if you build a tolerance, you will have room to go up on it. I am on the lowest dose of Rexulti because I don’t want that heavy side effect crap from Geodon and I don’t want to have to take the max dose of one antipsychotic and then some of yet another AP if I get acutely ill.

The general thing they do is 3mg but don’t take any more than you have to. They (psychiatrists) know to prescribe as little as possible, but I have had some say otherwise, such as more than the max dose of Geodon from some doc who was on-call (over max dose of Geodon is retarded).

“Less is more” is what I was taught when I was a sophomore, I fully understand why after going too high on a med, getting sedated, then building tolerance, then having to stack meds to sleep. No!

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So far Im doing well on 1.5mg, the lowest dose for Schizophrenia.

If I really need to go up on the dose to 3mg, I will have no choice and I will go up on it.

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Thanks. I will just try and stay on 1.5 mg for now.

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Do you take Vraylar morning or night?

I take my dose in the morning.

It activates me for a couple of hours after taking it, then it mellows me out and calms me down for the rest of the day.

Many people take Vraylar in the day.

Good luck with it and please let us know how you are doing with it.

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