Vraylar before and after: negative symptoms?

Can someone who has taken Vraylar to tell us the diffefence before and after in negative symptoms ?
It’s noticeable?

for me works a little.

TMG is best, its non prescription too, you can notice effect within a few hours and effects last whole day. Full of energy, mood, libido etc etc. The way it works is by donating a methyl group from three. It produces SAM-E which helps in creating serotonin in brain. The remaining converted to DMG which brings increased energy. If only want the energy part then taking DMG is enough.

Omega 3 works best for cognition. Need to take it daily for at least 2 weeks to feel the difference. Also stopping will cause decline in cognition too which also noticeable after few days of stopping.

Which symptoms? Avolition, apathy, anhedonia, fatigue and cognitive deficits?

Do you have research links for that supplement?

I took omega3 and it didn’t help whatever the dosage is.

Omega 3 take any dose, typically 180 EPA / 120 DHA. Take it with a fatty food like milk for best absorption. I recommend now foods brand omega 3 normal version. Its cheap and also effective. Need to take it daily without missing a single day. Surely it works for improving memory.

TMG works best for negative symptoms it improves mood, interest, libido and also improves energy, vitality etc. Its actually a workout supplement and helps in workout both during and after for better muscle recovery. DMG also same but TMG improves depression more due to SAM-E conversion to serotonin in brain. Thus more effective in reducing depression, anxiety, OCD etc. TMG and DMG increases oxygen supply to cells this is how it aids in workout.

I do not have research papers for its claims, may be google search will give many user reviews. I have tried all these and surely noticing these changes.