Vote now: Pick the best ideas in biomedical science

The university of Rochester one is about schizophrenia. It’s lagging behind in the match up.


Well spotted! How did you find this? Did you go through all these universities entries ??

“Using mice engineered to grow human glial cells from people with
schizophrenia, this team of researchers at the University of Rochester
found that nerve cells were misshapen and poorly connected, they
exhibited differential gene expression, and that mice exhibited
behaviors consistent with schizophrenia. The findings tell us more about
how glia influence this brain disease, and could present drug targets
in the future.”

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The source study …

The infographic …

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I clicked on and voted for one each of the 32 pairs. I was hoping there’d be one for schizophrenia. Both of that last pair could be argued to be schizophrenia related.

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Wow - that’s something.
Anything else jumped out at you as being interesting - in terms of good science generally?

I am not a good judge of science so just picked the one that took my fancy. All of them are probably worthwhile. I guess for me the last pair matter most as they are mental health related. Although having said that I think there is one for opioid addiction. Next round of voting starts on the 2nd March.

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