Voodoo doll is active

Last Halloween, my boss asked me to make voodoo dolls for the tiki bar, for a voodoo lounge, so I made them from palm tree branches and sticks, weeds, then added shells, bones, beads…

The voodoo lounge never happened due to natural occurrences but he had me store the voodoo dolls for this year

Since then, when unclogging tub drains in the rooms, there were dead rats coming out, all big huge hairy slimy wet so disgusting it made me gag at times

But these were also tied and put on the voodoo dolls, one in particular

Then the spirits told me to activate them with Sangre por Sangre…

And this has been done several times

The spirits told me I had been activated and there is no turning back, no escape

you sound deeply delusional? I hope you can share this with your psychiatrist and see if he or she can adjust your meds? good luck.

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Not a delusion, been taking meds

The Destroyer is hear

The curtain between this reality and the spiritual one is ripped and torn

This place will be wiped of human influence

well, just as long as you don’t think you’re vulnerable to voodoo dolls…sounds like nonsense to me but at least you are on meds.

The voodoo doll is kind of interesting.

It’s all for show of course but the hair and fingernails and ■■■■ can be used to triangulate positions or communicate with someone from afars, stuff like that.

I would have just not made a doll and just kept the hair.