Volunteering with kids

Hi, so yeah, i had an opportunity present itself today and it really made me feel good :slight_smile:

i was asked if i wanted to volunteer looking after some kids in a kids club at my church :slight_smile: the kids would be from the ages of about 6-12 and i would be playing games with them and feeding them and stuff, i thought this would be so good and i might be able to do it as part of my placement from college (just around the corner from me) that would be amazing :smile:

and i have to say that it was amazing at church this morning because i really missed it last 2 weeks i was on my holiday, so yeah, singing, praying, listening its a very enlightening experience for me and it has helped me so much :slight_smile:


I d say you’d work well with young kids. You seem a very nice, honest guy amd I can see why the church folk saw the ability and potential in you. Good Luck and keep us posted.


This also looks like a great opportunity to perform community service and a perfect venue to develop your mentoring skills. “Community Service” and “Mentorship” are attributes on a resume and help take up some down time.

thanks ruffles, i have no experience with kids other than my friend has a 2 yr old and she is very playful, climbs all over me, also my nephews growing up but i didnt really interact with them until they were older,

i love kids though and i think i will get on with them very well (even the naughty ones) ‘i hope’ and i have been told that i will be trained up as long as i get my pvg from the police to say that i am ok which is a requirement when working with vulnerable people.

Wow. So happy for you​:blue_heart: spending time with kids is great to take your mind off of crazy stuff, it’s fun. I used to go to church in my young years, sunday school. Anyway after my psychosis I tried doing some volunteering at the church but wasn’t interested enough. I’ve been looking into visiting the elderly though, I prefer that. Gotta look into it. Good luck :blush:

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good on you :heart:
take care :alien: