Volunteering moving along

I had my second meeting of the executive board of the German association that helps Children from very poor classes in India get an education and provide room and board for them by local Jesuits. The association has fifty years anniversary this year and there are planned a number of events to celebrate, raise awareness and money. I have attended two meetings now and slowly get to know the other executive board members as well as the orgainsation. They are really nice people. The first meeting we brainstormed for activities to organise for the anniversary. I came up with a number of suggestions and contributions to the collection of ideas. For example my idea to make a photography project was received well. My idea was to provide the kids in India which participate in the programmes some digital cameras to take pictures of their daily lifes or give them a theme to make pictures for like how they see their future etc. The kids can do that for their art classes and get instructions on how to take good pictures by a professional photographer to wishes to take on the project. Maybe as incentive the photographer may get the rights to the pictures so he can publish them and sell them. I am looking for a photographer now who in interested. In the second meeting yesterday, I listened as the other members reviewed the situations of the different schools and decided to give each of the schools a certain amount of money for upkeep and for the current running expenses. I learned that its not really large sums of money that we talk about, just a few thousand Euro per school. The whole budget is not that big then in the year as I was thinking. I did not want to be nosy so I did not aks about the amount every school received in a year in total but next meeting I will ask that. Just for curiosity. They also help fund some projects for water wells and electrification of small villages. With regard to the anniversary year activities I volunteered to come up with a design for a series of posters to advertise events for the local catholic community in the part of the city we live in. There re things planned like Indian film nights, Indian cooking, Indian meditaion, dance shows, shadow puppet theater, fashion shows, sponsored marathons, Henna painting for hands, etc. Its like up to ten events this year in total and we need a kind of catchy poster design for them… I need help wiht this, but I have some contacts in this area of design and Indian traditional arts and culture.

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Btw Pope Francis is a Jesuit…