Volunteered again

Yup, im making this my new Saturday thing I do. They opened a soup kitchen this time so we had some people stay back to tend to the people coming in. We went out to patrol but because of the snow we had a hard time locating the drug stuff we usually look for. Still found some tho.

We also handed out gloves this time, those thick ones. We would also talk to random people and tell them to go to the place with the soup.

My doctor has been telling me to go out more and do things, i rarely leave the house these days. So this is pretty nice to do. Plus i get to meet some people.

I think i met another schizophrenic today, but he was talking to something in the corner of the room while i served him some soup and talked with him.

I was gonna post some graffiti pictures from my patrol but that seems kinda trashy, so ill post them to the reddit graffiti sub in the future maybe. Since these graffiti are gang signs, doesnt seem very friendly. Still tho, after deciphering them, there is 2 gangs territory we patrol.

Thanks for reading.


That’s really great that you’re doing volunteer work @anon21561657.


Good job, sounds very rewarding.


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