Volunteer to help develop the website

I am looking for an opportunity to work after I gained some respite from my schizophrenia. I would like to start as a volunteer. Specifically I was a back-end Web developer: Java, PostgreSQL, Git, GNU/Linux. I can write a formal CV if needed. Still, I would rather contribute to a project that I have personal investment in, rather than freelance again, hence why I write on this forum.

I understand that there is no room for a crazy person in the core team. Instead, I can help develop independent tools for research or administration. It can be either from scratch or I can help contribute to some open-source library that the schizophreniadotcom project relies on. Build tool? Database migration tool? Web crawler?

To determine if I can help I need to know what the project is interested in developing.

P. S. I am impressed with technical quality of the forum website. What framework does it run on?


It’s an off the shelf discussion forum called “discourse”.


This forum is very well made and very well maintained and moderated.


Hi. I don’t know if @SzAdmin is looking for tech support volunteers at the moment, but I will tag him just in case. We mostly rely on the official discourse employees to keep things running for us on the forum, but I don’t know if they need help at the main website. Being crazy does not preclude anyone from volunteering here. All the past and current mod team have mental illnesses, usually psychotic illnesses.

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Its very well made for cellphones too unlike others.

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Apparenly Discourse is based on “Ruby on Rails”. Popular framework, but I never worked with it professionally. Reminded me how I instructed a student on basics of Web protocols using this framework as an example.

+++ Discourse does use PostgreSQL with which I did work professionally however, so that’s something.

Anyway, on the “about” page it is mentioned that independent researches are welcome to engage. If there are indeed any researchers at all who involve themselves with this website, maybe they need any tools to streamline their process? I don’t expect every researcher to be a home-grown system administrator after all.