Voicethoughts threaten about controling my mother

so i was getting ready to eat dinner and then the viocethoughts said something to me that i couldn’t keep my mind off. The voicethoughts said onto me the one thing that made me feel a feeling of disturbed fear, they said that they can’t control the pope as in right now but that they could control my mother. They were whispering something about my mother afterwards which got me really frighten and eye-tearing, and i was on the brink of loosing a hold of myself. This was a very disturbingly frightening moment for me and i just thought i could share it.

Voices love to try and convince you of many false things

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i think that in my case they are more than just voices, i think they are real people who belive that money is everything who are petting the authorities while the real people suffer.

I’d have double dared them to try and control my mother, hehehe, good luck with that one guys, love to see you try.