Voices while reading poll

Do you hear voices while reading?

  • yes
  • no
  • sometimes

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I think there is a difference between actually hearing voices or thinking the voices or words as you read. I do hear all kinds of background noises as I am reading…like the tv or my son and husband talking. Or do you mean a separate voice as your reading?

I suppose I mean an internal voice.

then I change my vote…lol

Most of the books I read confuse the hell out of voices, being a series about 20,000 modern Americans finding themselves in the middle of Europe during the 30 years war (early-ish 1600’s). So you have basically set and setting 1600’s Europe and then they’re off to drill for oil or a steamship rolls on scene, or Duke so and so pulls an automatic pistol…and voices be all like “What is THIS ABOUT!”

Because voices…what ever. Yes it can be distracting. But no most of the time if I can muster the attention span to enjoy a book I’m pretty much left in my solace of a brief escape.

I hear voices while reading. And my own voice. They compete eachother for attention.