Voices when and where?

I only hear voices when I’m around other people. If I’m by myself they are gone. Is this typical? I used to get them from TV when I was at my worst a few years ago but if I turned it off they stopped. Now it’s only when around other people.

This is interesting. And you are sure the voices are not actually coming from the other people?

I hear rhe voices all the time, non stop chattering.

Well Riddledl I’m not 100% sure but if I confront people on it they always deny.

I hear voices 24/7 complete sentences almost the same as having someone standing next to me but inside me. My voices change a hundred times a day as new voices enter into my mind every few minutes. I can see them start in the back ground and slowly move forward getting louder and louder till they can speak through me and become themselves. there are five distinct lines of voices that are constantly rotating through my mind.


I have eight voices that I hear ALL the time.