Voices triggered by grief

A few days ago I received the news a friend of mine had taken his own life, the funeral was held before I was notified.
I’m sad. He was such a nice guy, and I really thought he was getting better.

I’m in a bit of grief, and it’s causing the voices to go haywire. They keep suggesting I do the same.
Which I don’t want to. I have a friend I usually tell these things to, but I’m scared he’ll just talk me into getting admitted. I don’t need that, I know it will get better once the grief passes.

But it’s hard to sleep. When it gets dark and there’s nothing to distract me, my head goes wild and I get all these voices and thoughts.

I want them them to stop yelling at me, stop suggesting suicide or selfharm, and I want to have peace of mind.

Kasper is dead, and I grieve for the potential I saw in him and the amazing person who is no longer with us. I wonder if I could have done more for him or helped him somehow.

I mean there could be a lot of emotions going off in your head. I imagine a friend taking their own life would be quite stressful, agonizing, sad, many things. I’m so sorry for your loss nova and may you get through this time alright. There could be a lot of reasons for the voices, not just grief. Take care now please.

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Look after yourself nova. Talk to someone in real life if you need to. I’m sorry all this happened.

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I’m so sorry. It sucks to lose someone. Can you look into grief counseling? You need to talk to someone who will be supportive and help you with coping skills, not someone who treats every emotion you have as an inconvenience.

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Wishing you some relief @Miika, I’m sorry to hear about your friend.

I’ve lost friends like that too, beat myself up for not doing more to help them. Something I learned being in that state myself is that no outside source can help when you’ve shut off the outside world.

Honor his memory, but don’t follow his path, and try to ignore the voices, they lie, cheat, and corrupt our thinking.

You’re sweet, and deserve the best life can offer


Thank you all. I’m trying to stay positive, but I keep getting random pangs of sadness like I want to cry, but can’t. It’s super frustrating

Hi @Miika,

I am so sorry…losing someone is so incredibly tough. I personally lost several friends to various conditions. Please remember them in your thoughts- if their memory lives in you, that means that he still remembers you by.

I am thinking of you. :sparkling_heart:

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