Voices: thoughts or someone talking?

So I was trying to mow my yard and didn’t get very far. Kept having thought overload of people talking so much so it made me nausea so I was jw if voices can be thought like? Even tho I have heard voices that sound like someone talking to me before

I’m having voice overload today also, and I’m at work :exclamation:

My voices are never directly interacting with me. They’re either talking to each other, screaming, or singing softly in the background. I have never had them voice thoughts, but when they get violent I know I must be upset over something.

I sometimes have loud chatter in my ears. It’s like if you in rush hour sit on the metro and close your eyes. Chatter chatter chatter. Noone really talks to me but I can’t avoid hearing bits and pieces of other people’s conversations.

But I also hear voices talking directly to me. People passing by tell me I’m no good or that I’m a whore.
They tell me my sleeping pills are poison. Last night they tried to scare me by threatening me to having an allergic reaction to imovane and I will suffocate in my sleep. I did not sleep much tonight.

I learned to label them as “Just the Voices.” Or “just the thoughts.” Or just “strings of words chained together.” And to listen to them from a distance as though they are “over there” and no more significant than words said by some stranger on the street. Just “ideas in my mind that seem to come from someone significant, but really don’t.”

All of these psychotherapies provide tools for that:

DBT – http://behavioraltech.org/resources/whatisdbt.cfm
MBSR – http://www.mindfullivingprograms.com/whatMBSR.php
ACT – https://contextualscience.org/act
MBBT – https://www.newharbinger.com/blog/introduction-mind-body-bridging-i-system
10 StEP – http://pairadocks.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-10-steps-of-emotion-processing.html