Voices that tick me off

For me my voices remind me of AI bots. Gets very frustrating. My meds still aren’t stopping the voices and my doctor has told me they may never take the voices away. I feel very discouraged.

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I’m sorry they aren’t working well for you. Do you get any relief or are they always constant?

mostly constant but some days I don’t have them as bad. but it’s very much the same if I wasn’t on any meds comparatively. I just try not to think much of them when they are talking, that helps. But they been giving me two shots and pills at the same time. now they are giving me just one shot as the new doctor thought I was getting over medicated. I think the over medication was due to the fact I had a strong belief in them as Alien AI learning computers and I absorbed Nano technology somehow. It was a very rocky ride at the time.

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Oh I totally relate I was hearing then from fire detectors so I thought something was in them I started tearing the house apart.

It is good to keep busy and keep distracted somehow it made mine ease up.

I’ve been getting ECT for the last eleven years. It saved my life. I was desperate because the meds weren’t working and it was bad. You should think about it. :sunny:


what is the recovery time with ECT ? I have an elderly mother to think about.

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You wake up with maybe a mild headache. I had 4 done in a week and could function.

I’m thinking about doing ECT. I’ve been delusional for most of the last 14 years. Any advice?

I feel the meds are not working for me as well and therapy only does so much. Could you possibly go a little more into detail? I’m very curious about it.

My medication doesn’t work either these voices in my head continue to get worse everyday cursing at me persecuting me ridiculing me telling me to shut the f up every time I talk to anyone they try to control my every move and stop me from doing everything I normally do they are ruining my life and causing me grief I’m tired of it


i once heard voices from a smoke detector and thought it was connected to the fire department. 40 minutes go by and your still focusing on the fire detector.

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Anything with a battery made me nervous.

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