Voices test say that I have failed

Voices test me say that I failed does any one have this?

Not sure what you mean. Like, an online test for voices? That’s what comes to mind.

Like daily test not to smoke or just living eating

Are you on meds, they can stop the voices you know

I am on 20 mg of saphris

Are u Italian? 15

No I’m not it just says Italy

Maybe you should try a different med?

Iv tried every med in the book almost was on closipine

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I’m sure you’ll find one. Are you able to have conversations with the voices?

Yeah I have conversation with them

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Are they smart and intelligent?

Yes very they tell me technical terms for laws that I have broken

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Did u ever study law or have any knowledge of legal terms?

No they just come up with them

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İ hope you can get better @Jesse25. Best wishes.

Not sure why this went, You’re mentally ill. Yeah, re-score those tests.

Don’t believe them. Something new not to believe everyday. hah? they are crafty little boogers, not out for your good.

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