Voices telling me to make pancakes

All of you are awesome. There is this voice telling me(not to murder)to wipe out my x. It tells me to do it without physical contact. It asks how are you going to get your ____ back. So I have to step over to the other side. When it happens I’ll call it a coincidence like every other scenario. I know it says don’t wish death upon your enemies but my narrator is like “g let’s do this” how can I go back after my one trip. In my head I said I couldn’t do____and I forgive them. The ____says forgive us as I forgive those…So why does every time I say the full length I feel this understanding of not holding grudges in order to be____of light. When it screams and yells I feel energy. Sometimes my thoughts are like"tomorrow"
The procrastinators motto. I’m off into the wicked world. First I have to finish this pancake though😂

I’m glad you’re making pancakes because sometimes I have had thoughts of “wiping out” someone when I was only hungry or thirsty and uncomfortable with those feelings. Hope you can eat in a relaxed atmosphere.

:busts_in_silhouette:I’m not feeling my post anymore

no voice ask me make a pancake but i eat pancake almost everyday recently

what u can do is make this pancake.and put it there after few days u will know why.

or another way
pancake =panda
go to zoo and see the panda

@yuying I’ve been reading your posts for awhile and I have to tell you, please reconsider going back on meds, you don’t make sense at all and it’s unhelpful for other more susceptible members when you try to help.

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ok.thanks . u too

@haete, sounds like command hallucinations going on. Can you resist what they are ordering you to do?

Yea because my thoughts would say get a job and I can’t get one😂

So sorry!! Well, at least they have no power over you.

i’d rather have pancakes too

I can make you some

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I’m glad you’re not in that mood anymore!
Command hallucinations are awful.

about the pancakes—my voices used to tell me to make a salad because I was too fat. I usually would cut drumsticks into bits while sending thoughts to the voices saying that they’re lucky they’re not the drumsticks.

I still have this weird thing about eating and cooking drumsticks. I can’t just stick them in the boiling water, I have to slice the skin off first and I always remember those ugly voices.

Sounds good haha nom nom :slight_smile:

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