Voices telling me that nothing is real and nothing exists

Has anyone else experienced this? They tell me that I’m living in a dream world. They said I caused it by smoking a cigarette. They’ve had me scared all day about smoking. I know it’s not real but feels real in my head.

Have you talked to your doctor about how bad your voices are? Maybe it’s time to up your meds.

I have those thoughts sometimes.

I have upped my meds

Does your doctor know how bad your voices are? You seem really upset by then tonight. If upping them isn’t helping maybe it’s time to try something different.

Yes, I agree with the others. You are talking about your voices a lot, and they seem to be all over the place. Mine were like that too, before seroquel. Maybe you need a med adjustment? I needed one badly. Seroquel saved me.


Never listen to your voices they are full of crap.


I know I’m real cuz I just pee’d.

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My voices used to say the same

By their own argument the voices aren’t real either.
But seriously, attaching too much meaning to the voices is probably not a good idea.
They are hallucinations.
Upping your meds is probably a good idea. As hard as it seems, take them as directed and give them a bit of time to work.
Try to keep busy. If that’s not an option, try diversions (video games, music, etc) to try to keep from looping out on them. Even getting out and taking a short walk can help.
Hope this helps.


Those thoughts may be annoying but they don’t sound totally crazy unless they are persistent and intrusive.

Very intrusive as I have feelings in my body that make these delusions stronger

Iv thinking about taking geodome


Ah, yes. There are people on this who have been helped by geodon. @ninjastar and @SkinnyMe, probably others that I can’t recall.


all you can do is work on different meds or upping your current dose of AP. I know voices are hard to manage with meds…I hear seroquil works well for voices. good luck…I feel bad for you.

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Are they strong delusions?

Do your voices make you pee to?

No, I pee on my own time. My favorite is peeing outdoors on camping trips.

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