Voices telling me that I killed god

I smoked weed then went into a massive psychotic trip where I was getting these orgasimish feelings in my body with total fear energy racing though my body then the voices telling me that that they used me to kill God they also tell me that I am the one and there an evil God has any one gotten delusions where they thought they killed God. This experience was very extreme for me.

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You have not killed God, for he cannot be killed. But are you taking any medication for these delusions?


Did this just happen? Are you okay? Do you think you might need to go to the hospital?

You didn’t kill anyone. If you did, your voices wouldn’t have to tell you that you did, you’d remember. You don’t have anything to feel guilty or sorry for.

A being strong enough to kill God would surely be powerful enough to create their own world, one where they aren’t tormented by voices as they’d be able to turn the voices on and off at will.


The eye in the sky is not so easy to die. But I understand that feeling.

I dunno, maybe you shouldn’t smoke pot? If smoking pot is having this affect on you, I seriously doubt that it’s going to be any different if you keep smoking it some more. This may be an extreme case, but it sounds like pot doesn’t agree with you.


Yes I am ok didn’t need the hospital just a little sobering up happened a while ago

Taking medication but it’s not helping like it should

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Maybe you should try another medication and keep trying one until you find one that works for you. Also therapy helps with my persistent delusions.

They told me that they are the creators and they killed the true transcendent god

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I know it’s a lie though

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I don’t think anyone killed God. It’s just a delusion. I hope you get to feeling better

No one can kill God he is the self existent one. But pot is the devils weed see what it did to you? You can avoid that type of thing if you don’t do it anymore. Fear, anger and paranoia it makes it worse it exaggerates it. I know from experience and 19 years of it. It was never good.

Yeah I have since quit the weed

good dude only you and me it messes with and throws everything off

I don’t even want to discuss this with someone who uses weed. But I will. Your delusion was a power thing - you wanted to believe you were more powerful than God. Guess you feel powerless. That’s a common feeling for us but you have to take baby steps to increase your self esteem and not this dramatic idea you got from smoking weed.

I dont think I am more powerful than God, the voices are telling that it’s an evil god that did it and it used me like a weapon of energy I felt weird feelings in my whole body like euphoria energy leave then it told me I killed him and heaven

that sucks, i’m sorry you are tormented with these delusions but i think you are starting to recognise that that they are what they are and that is delusions, intrusive thoughts that are not real,

i had delusions about stuff like that before but not that i killed God just controlling the weather thinking i was as powerful as god and also thinking i was being tested or chosen to save humanity in some way, that i was saved for a special reason.

i would suggest cutting down on the weed and talking to your dr about this although you probably trying to do this already, keep taking your med(s) and feedback to your dr how they are working for you.

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Did the voices ever tell you that you where the chosen one?

Yes. Every damn day. :cold_sweat:

edit: They don’t tell me that now, but they did every day all day before I was stabilized.

To be fair I do feel like I have been saved now but it’s not a delusion, I started going to Church and I still believe I am special but not to that extent,

I have to say that I know my place in the world now, I am further down the pecking order but I am happy to be there lol, meds help.