Voices telling me important dates

The voices tell me dates that something will happen, and they aren’t always wrong. They said my dog would only live one more day, and my dog died VERY suddenly the next day. It was the worst thing. Now I heard I will die on or by December 14. Does this happen to anyone?


Voice knew the future

This is what my voices said to me! It was crazy at the time

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Yes the voices tend to fuuck with us. What else did they tell you? Oh and WELCOME TO THE COMMUNITY :pray:

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Yes they have told me a few times saying, “You will die today.” Other times they say they will kill me on my birthday (though I believe this is a metaphysical term when they implied my birthday, not my physical birth). Last night they told me I killed myself. They always keep me in flight or fight mode and I am always terrified because of these entities. :worried::fearful:

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Don’t listen to voice date predictions. Just maybe be extra vigilant on that day but otherwise ignore the voices.


They once told me I would win a raffle in a big crowd of people. I was so confident that I barely even noticed when my name was called…it was genuinely not a surprise.

They tell me to “get out”, which is very confusing. Like, I wish I could get out of my head! Sometimes, I’ve heard screaming of lots of people, like agonizing screams. Other times, they have said my name, and I used to reply, but other people thought it was weird. I usually look around to see if anyone is really talking to me now.

Yes my voices tell me iam gonna die nov 10 when iam 37

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I had a prophesy book before and it predicted my journey across Canada. It even had a part that said I will go into a native village and the children will come running to me. Well I got picked up while hitch hiking and invited to a sweat where all the kids came running to the vehicle…There were a lot of other weird things that happened. I can’t explain all of it away. Although, not all my predictions have been accurate…I was suppose to die before the age of thirty, that didn’t happen but I came close. I wouldn’t worry about it, I know it makes my life kinda hard to live when I’m obsessing over an upcoming death.

A family member (young) died very unexpectedly today without known cause. Terrible, but I think this could have been the compromise? I usually bargain with the voices about dates or circumstances.

This one voice that sounds like my brother told me my mom would die in March. Really really disturbing. Don’t believe the voices! Get on rite medication and therapy. It’s curable.

My voices have told me that my nephew will not reach the age of 5. He now is 3 and a half, I think

Hi, I tend to treat voices as role plays within my mind and brush them off as like watching a bad movie or hearing a bad joke.

I hope you understand that was just a very sad coincidence. Voices cannot predict the future although im sure they’d love to us all to believe that they could

The voices are essentially your mind predicting things and we all can get it right occasionally. My voices occasionally got it right but mainly got it wrong and I don’t trust their predictions any more.

What do your voices say?

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