Voices tell the future

Does any one have it where it seems like there voices can tell the future

yes and no, or i did, wish they could tho i’d win the lottery big.

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I feel really bad for you having voices so dominantly…!! does your pdoc know your voices are so strong?

Yes they gave me safris

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My voice told me what was gonna be on the tv in 5 second delays

Nah. My voices predict my death frequently, but they’re always wrong. I have very poetic voices though

What did they tell you to make you think they know the future?

I got this too. My voices sometimes tell me the future with pictures and scenes. It’s all bs.

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Like pictures or scenes from the tv? They knew what was coming up?

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No not from Tv. Rather showing me being successfull indie game developer, pro skateboarder or pro bodybuilder, business men etc…

The voices said I would die in a car accident at 65

I have thoughts I guess. I’m not sure they are voices…

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They make me think of something then it’s on tv or they say something then my mom says it


This same thing has occurred to me as well.

Sort of. I was told that if I did not do as I was told to do, I too would end up with a broken arm.

What the heck was that, I thought.

Anyhow, off I went to work, and when I got to work, one of the other employees walked by me with a cast on his arm, a cast that was not there the day before.

Yeah, I think I’m telepathic with someone and some of the ‘proof’ I got was him telling me to go on Instagram at times he had posted. One time I even asked him to post something and he told me to go look and there it was, seconds ago had been posted. He would also tell me the time and I’d check and it’d be right.

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But personally I believe we are all psychic on some level, we do all have intuition. So I just see those moments as my intuition instead of being telepathic. But it’s all still mystical so…

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