Voices talking about healthy magic today

“You know there is a good way to use it right? Most of them don’t.” It said.

“Yeah, so, what do you want me to do about it?” I said.

They ignored me and just kept talking: “Magic could be for good things, healing, advanced tech, consulting those that may help you all. Most of them are just going for controlling others and free ■■■■ though, they all want free ■■■■ and slaves i guess. And then there are the even worse ones than that.”

So i’m like “Yeah, well, guess i’ll have some coffee though, don’t know why you are telling me this at all.”

So they just keep going: “Most uses of what you call magic have been really bad throughout the years, it didn’t have to be that way. It became bad rather quickly i’d say. It became a nightmare.”

“well, alright.” I said.

That’s what it’s like to wake up for me. A voice that doesn’t care that i’m just tired and dying and in pain spouting things endlessly. So i get up and it starts talking about how people should excercise healthy forms of magic if they can use it.