Voices - sudden or gradual?

On days where your voices take a turn for the worse, does it come gradually or do they suddenly start yelling at you?
With me it always seems to come suddenly.
Like, from one minute to the next they go from whispering to boomingly loud or from nice to obnoxious.

I wonder what decides whether it’s gradual or sudden.
and I wonder what it’s like for the rest of you?

  • Gradual
  • Sudden

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I think I get both, but most times it comes on gradual

When it comes gradually, how long does it usually take to go from unnoticeable to loud?

not long. it goes from whispers to normal conversation in about 30 minutes. like after I wake up and get to my 2nd cup of coffee

I think things usually gradually get louder and louder til I just can’t take it. But every once in awhile things will be quiet and out of no where I get a single voice suddenly. But he usually doesn’t just continue to talk. He usually says something embarrassing or obnoxious and try to compel me to do weird behaviors and then he’s done. So it’s both sudden and gradual.

I could go all day fine then sit down and bam there they go.

Gradual for sure. I’ve only ever noticed how bad I’m doing in hindsight.

Sudden like out of nowhere. I never had pre-voices, they start talking and only i can hear them :loud_sound: :loudspeaker:

For me usually Alien comes on sudden
Like last night
I do get warning signs though - my thoughts go jumbled

They exploded on my head soon after I had my elbow surgery :sob:
I had intrusive thoughts for years before I listened to them tho…

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