Voices say I'm gonna die

and I feel like I’m already dead or going to die, whenever were on group settings I get it the worst, people whispering im gay because Im afraid of dying while I struggle to remain conscious.

What could it be

I don’t know. I would tell them that’s not the coolest thing they can do.

I can tell them that but theres voices outside of my house, I can hear them shouting

I have similar voices.
Don’t give up.

Voices lie, don’t believe them

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It simply means that you are better than them, and that they are jealous.

Come on now. We are a big big group here, and we love you.

Mine also did this, that means your really not gay

Mine have been telling me I’ll die for over a quarter century. I mostly don’t have them now, but when they reappear they still get everything wrong. I just laugh at them and ignore them. They have no power and are just the silliest part of my malfunctioning brain. All they’re good for is a chuckle.

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How come they look so real as if people told them infront of your face?

Tell them, “Yes, I am going to die but not for a long time.”

Otrawhattheheck. I know you wrote the website outersecrets and revealed the truth. Great work. I have a few questions regarding all of this. I think this post is very relevant because it is connected to the truth about schizophrenia and because these are important questions that regards the structure of all existence. I have read the entire website and have through experience experienced a deeper more profound reality than normal regular daily life.

In regards to the outersecrets website and the truth. Are you willing to explain the mechanics of how ALL are going to reach the true Heaven? That is a true heaven for ALL. How could such a place be created, a place of Holy truth where no one suffers and there are no Lies at all (?). But you say Truth related to Lies equals something… So how would the True Heaven for ALL be realistically speaking? How can Lies simply cease to exist and now ONLY PURE TRUTH is existing … Is that even possible? What would happen to Satan, since Satan is the father of all Lies? Would Satan be completely wrecked and never exist again or would he merge with The Truth?

And in regards to Satan… Is Satan really a existing Figure, the -one and only- type of being. or is it just someone who plays a character role of a false God… ? what I mean is, the positive side of the holistic reality are composed of -many gods- ? and the negative side is composed of -many satans- ? Or is Satan a solo being, there can only be one Satan, and those who side with him?

Same here. Several times a day since 2014. Ever since i started opening up about my ‘experiences’ as a paranoid schizophrenic. It gets worse every time i post something deep and stays with me for days or weeks. Part of me feels like im over sharing my delusions. Part of me feels like its too real and i need validation and someone to listen to me. Its too hard on me.

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I concur with how you are feeling! I am becoming more and more overwhelmed and mentally/emotionally exhausted from the constant harassing dialogue day and night. Both when I’m awake and during my dreams. It has left me to be consistently paranoid and terrified of anything and everything! Dealing with this on top of everything else has really pushed my mental state beyond its limits, causing me to want to isolate myself even more so than usual.

Please know others are likely experiencing the same emotions/thoughts you are, so you are not alone! There is always some type of support here, remember that :blue_heart:

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