Voices r religious?

they make me depression to pray to god
what to do ?

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Ignore them and avoid religious materials.


Are asking if voices are all Religious? In my experience, some are, others aren’t. Some of them can be really pesky though. You don’t have to avoid Religious Materials, contrary to what the past Zombie had to say, UNLESS they make you loose Faith Or Hope in Love, Life, and Liberty.


Your voices are religious because deep down so are you. Your voices are reflections of your subconscious being vocalised.

If you were interested, or had another religious background then they would then be reflective of that and the voices would follow that trait.

Knowing this can help you stop seeing the voices as supernatural or spiritual. They are simply a sign of scientific mental illness personified in your original beliefs.

If I was into sci-fi then the voices could be aliens, or if I was fascinated by intelligence agencies and espionage movies then I would hear or hallucinate FBI or CIA delusions.

Look at this scientifically, as your doctor does then you can gain insight.


labratmat: (real encouragaing screen name by the way… ?);

I ENTIRELY disagree with your parroted characterization of voices and where it generally leads people with our experience and perceptions. Thanks for voicing it though … Noted!

Your voices will base themselves on knowledge you have looked at . So at some point on you took interest in religious stuff so they can come out like that.

So if you stopped thinking about religious stuff, you eventually think about other things and then they try to morph into that topic in some twisted way

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By whose authority to you make such bold definitions of another beings experience or perceptions? How long have they been investigating the phenomena and what bias have they started out with ?

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Sorry, I am not interested in motor head crap.

Ah that’s too bad I love it

Cool Man. Staying on topic though, after dropping the ■■■■ bomb previous to last, might be beneficial to the thread?

What my other family members, flung across the globe do with their time and effort is not as interesting as the people I have been to assigned to Love, Live With, and Hopefully Liberate As They Liberate Me … Namely those that have non-ordinary experiences and perceptions, as myself and Those Go As Far To Express Before Others, In Hope of Community Without Repression.

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