Voices playing a new game

now they r going to give me strokes in the broccas and wernickes areas of the brain which relate to understanding, processing and creating speech if i go to the press about the abuse myself and my children have suffered. that way, i can’t communicate my story to the police or press. it would have to b quite a substantial bleed in one or both of those areas to achieve that and could only b heamorragic and not ischeamic, as i have no blood clots in my brain, no narrowing of the arteries in my neck as i’ve had those checked, just in case. so i’m going to lodge these threats with a lawyer and then go to the press. i don’t care if they think i’m crazy or not. at least i’ll have done my bit to protect my children from further harm.


I have a voice I call the hypnotist. He stomps around in my brain and threatens to tinker with different areas all in the name of science. He says stuff exactly like yours does, “I’m going to cut of blood flow to this part just to see what happens. You will feel some intense pain as I do this.”

I get a hard, quick hit and run of panic at night sometimes when that voice starts up. But I manage to breathe and try and stay calm and remind myself that my voices don’t have hands and feet and can’t strangle me or kick me or cut off my blood.

It’s hard work. I’m glad your there for your kids.

Good luck. It takes a lot of courage to do this. Not only to go to a lawyer but to have to fight off the head circus as well.