Voices only come when I speak out to them in my mind, anyone else like this

My voices only come when I speak to them in my mind, anyone else like this to, I’d be grateful to know. Sometimes it’s like I’m talking without words and this triggers the respose of the voice from one gang member and his wife, those 2 are always in the voices.



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Welcome to the forum! @Jerry24


my voices try to scare me. the subject nowadays is the future death of my father. they say ‘your father is gonna die’ in all possible ways to make me scared. relating to what you’re saying i have trained myself not to think to myself and that decreased greatly the voices. i do have these voices that work in a different pattern. they speak more at night.


Yeah, I heard voices in my head (not with my ears). I could speak with them in my head just by thinking what I wanted to say (not with my mouth), I’d have conversations with them. Men and women. And I could differentiate between different people.


my voices seem to come from a medium distance like all around. they just like people talking. they dont seem to come from my head.

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it doent sound like you have voices you just have intrusive thoughts
have you been dx
im not a professional just my thought



my hallucinations visual and voices tell me if i dont KIll my mom they will kill her and make her suffer

that is intense. how long? do you still care? i ask this because since i cant get phisically hurt i dont care much.

Welcome to the forum @Jerry24 I hope you can tell us a little about yourself.

Mine are constantly speaking to me internally, and to themselves about me. I haven’t gotten a break since this started about two years ago. A lot of mine are gangsters too. If I listen for them, or talk to them, they’re louder, but always clear regardless.

External voices are rarer now than when it all started, I usually hear them before and after sleep, but randomly throughout the day too.

In my learning disabled state I don’t understand all these conversations. I wish I did!

Yes interacting with your voices will draw you deeper into psychosis. One of the keys i thibk is getting out of your own mind and interacting with others. Antipsychotics help us relax to be able to do that, qnd therapy helps us us see that the things we saw in psychosis were just delusions and also helps us understand why it happened. Those 3 things plus good sleep and other health measures will get one well on their way.

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Hi. Yes yours sound similar to what I get, your the first person I found with similar schizophrenia. I wish I could stop speaking to the voices but I can’t for the last 8 years, they usually come at night every night.

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Welcome @Jerry24

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Welcome @Jerry24. The medication helps me to relax about the voives and delusions. I figured the voices come deep out of my brain, the subconscious, and feel that this is the way i think, because the voices make sense sometimes.

I’ve had voices appear unbidden.