Voices making predictions

Has anyones voices made predictions of his/her future? If so did they actually come to pass most of the time or were they completely wrong?

For me personally the voices made some predictions about my future relationships which still can be fullfilled but i get a sense that its too good to be true. im just curious if im the only guy hearing voices making predictions?

Yes many predictions. And here it is helpful to read a bit about confirmation bias:

Because I think in dealing with predictions from voices, and seeing them confirmed sometimes can show this very real phenomenon of confirmation bias in action.

Although I had been in the grip of some predictions made by the voices myself, eventually I discarded them. The voices’ predictions were typically a bit vague, for instance, “we have something in store for you!”. When the predictions are this vague, I had the tendency of looking for their confirmation, some event that could be interpreted as confirming the prediction. Now note that such a vague prediction allows for many events to possibly fulfill it. It doesn’t specify a time, it doesn’t specify what kind of event, etc.

WHen they are this vague, I noticed any distressing event could be interpreted as confirming the prediction, but it was me that interpreted it as such, i made it fit the prediction, and only afterwards the voices would say “yes this is what we predicted”. That’s not playing the game of predicting very honestly, in my opinion.

Sometimes though, they were more specific. These predictions were many times not confirmed, and I would either just forget the prediction, or I would press the voices for an explanation and they would say they had just been joking. Now, if any prediction can be opted out as being a joke, one cannot take any of them seriously. There is a very real tendency to only remember the ones that are confirmed and that gives the impression of them being right all the time. But if you look closely to what’s going on, you might notice that the voices aren’t playing the game of predicting according to the rules.


no way in hell are these voices a confirmation bias. my psychologist made the same suggestion but ive just done so many “scientific” testing to let the thoughts i had be confirmed by action that its just impossible to be selective interpretation. like once i was THINKING about a certain thing and then tested it wether the thought is true or not by opening a book at a random page and voila the image and words in the book made a direct connection to the THOUGHT. unless my book can read my mind i dont understand how probable such a corelation can be. but the other thing i noticed is that some things even though promised were never fullfilled but i also felt by intuition that they never would be. like the thought that my psychologist would sleep with me even though there were alot of signs telling me that it may come to be i also wished it to be true but felt that it simply couldnt.

I’ve never heard of this before. I’ll look in to this.

I have a very hard time fighting off the very strong belief that I’m predicting the future.

There have been some specific things my voices predicted that came true… there was also some vague fluff in my head that I obsessed on until I found the pattern and made it true.

When my voices were at their loudest… I was sure it was an outside force telling me the future.

Now as the voices have faded… I’m getting the feeling of knowing the future from that epiphany feeling of lifting out of my body…

I keep thinking that is when I’m getting my predictions. I’m always trying to keep myself together about predicting the future. This is a constant battle for me.

I don’t tell too many people in my family that I’m predicting the future…

Can you give some specific examples please. But its ok if you want to keep it private can you still like give a general direction what the voices predicted and how it came true?

Could be the same way that daily zodiacs work.
But personally my voices never went too deep. Only once did they make an actual prediction but I think it doesn’t count because its more of a general statement. Was still ominous.

“Made a direct “connection” to the thought” .
That is what confirmation bias is. You look for the connection in any shape or form and you find what you were looking for.
I call it connecting the dots game. It still happens to me occasionally. But I just take a step back and let it be.

This is sort of hard… I started hearing voices when I was pretty young… At one point I thought it was the voice of God… who told me I had a baby sister on the way…

My Mom swore up and down she and Dad were NOT planning any more kids. Then Mom ended up pregnant… and I have a kid sister.

The voices also told me that one of my cousins would be committing suicide. (he overdosed)

There has been some other things that are vague in my head… but then I start to believe it will come true… and it does to a degree. I don’t know if that’s visualization… or actualization of a want and need…

Or maybe a self fulfilling prophecy…

first we think… then we work towards… then we achieve. But I’ve also had a sense of predicting the future.

Voting with both hands raised here. (TYVM.)

My own personal yakathon tells me on occasion that Alanis will finally love me some day (and that she will look the way she did when she was 22 when she does).

An example of confirmation bias is.

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That’s because I was running on an assumption based on previous findings and confirmations that he does use odd abbreviations the most won’t know.

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Out of curiosity , What forum were you moderating?

But if youre thinking of a girl and suddenly you look into an encoclypedia and you see a statue of a beautiful girl(in an encyclopedia where females/humans are almost not depicted) then it sure is improbable to be random.

That’s purely random chance. But you will attribute it as “meant to be”

well you didnt really have work in your mother getting pregnant and having a girl. its like outside your power to actualize. same with my voices.

you just havent been through the same experiences i have. i used to believe that things were random just like you but then the “schizophrenia” happend… and forced me to accept a worldview of destiny.

Hello There levelJ1 ,

I Once Read A Book Written (by) Robert Anton WIlson Called PROMETHEUS RISING ,

It’s A Great Fun Book To Read ,

N E Hoo ,

There’s A Chapter That Talks About What You mention ,

It Says Something To tha Fact Of ,

Take A Walk Outside Throo A Parking Lot , Down Your Street , Wherever and Think That You Will Fynde A Quarter , and Blah Blah Blah ,

During Tha Tyme That I Read Tha Book ,

Which Was Many Many Moons Ago ,

But During That T(Y)me I Understood Exactly What He Was Trying To Show Tha Reader ,

So I Onli Tried To Fynde Tha Ghost Quarter Once ,

I Don’t Think I Saw One ,

But As Tyme Passed BOOMSHAKALAKA (!!!) ,

Point Is From My Personal Opinion On Thus Topic Is , Your Voices Arent Within Tha Job To Predict Your Future ,

They Perhaps Give You Choices ,

and You Can Even Say No To Everything They Say ,

They Can’t Hurt You ,

and Tactiles Are From My Personal Perspective Are Naught From Tha Voices ,

I Finally Got Throo Tha Tactile Hallucinations But Every Once In A While It Returns ,

Whatever IT Is ,

N E Hoo Voices Don’t Make Predictions They Jus Agree With Your Subconscious Or Blah Blah Blah ,

STILL Not Complete On Thee Understanding Of Voices ,

I’ll Get Back To Yoush All On That One …

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I have voices or visions what will happen in the future. There have been many times I have had so, but I just want to write now one, It was the summer of 2002 and in my sleep I had a vision that my sz cousin would arrive at the house where I lived. I had not seen him since the 1980s, and guess what happened. He arrived at the house next day and stayed with us for few days. I know I can not explain this what happened with any logic, but it just happened as many other events.