Voices making it hard for me to take care of myself and do normal things

I can’t seem to focus and attend to my daily needs, I feel like my condition is worsening considerably and am worried. I can’t leave the voices alone as much as they can’t leave me,. I want to get better but eventually I’ll have to be like the show Emergency! in a cattle on the bed ridden on some sortr of hospital. I hope i can take care of my parents but ever since Victor French died I can no longer seek help for myself or anybody. I tried wishing i could die or have a disease like the girl from our fault in our stars, I seem to be scared of everyone here and have no obligation to be buillied by the likes of this type of person lost within the parameters of my mind, ok this is when i witness bliss.

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There seems to be an eye in the middle of the sky and i can’t lie when i say that i wanna die in some way or another but not suicide but by means of an idle stand by, ok seen enough of you guys and am genuinely scared of all of you yet i go against nature and post ahead anyway

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