Voices in your head

whether your voices are good or bad this is a very good resource…


this video may be triggering at first but it does have a better outcome towards the end.


It was nice. Thank you

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At the end of the video it said that at least 10% of the worlds population will listen to their thoughts, personally i think its higher than that, its just that with some people it can get out of control, and its not their fault.

I listen to my thoughts regularly but it has a good influence on me, it helps me out and helps me make decisions and guides me, it is the thing that tells me whether to choose a mars bar or a snickers if i’m hungry, i think its perfectly normal but it can easily turn, i think if i was off meds it would quickly turn bad.

these stories on this video prove that with the right help you may be able to control it some how, i like to believe that there is hope for people like that to recover. build up defences, coping strategies etc, its not beyond the realms of reality if you know what i mean.

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