Voices, do yours ever talk about

Since almost the beginning of hearing voices, I’ve heard what feels like a million times the spirits talking about seeking my or other people’s "spirit of the fear of the Lord"
Has anyone else heard this from their voices?

Nah nothing exactly like that. I grew up in a pretty extremist Evangelical environment, so it’s not that surprising that my “entities” often have religious/demonic bents to their content when they are active. I’ve read studies that make a compelling argument for how one’s early life culture greatly influences what their hallucinations/delusions entail, which furthermore make a compelling case for the notion that voices and so on are products of our own unconscious/subconscious minds.

So, curious, did you have a religious upbringing?

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I am Jewish but my family and childhood wasn’t religious. Funny all this began from seeking the messiah YESHUA/JESUS.

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mine tell me to praise jesus a lot. Sounds kind of a similar idea to me, but maybe from a different part of the world. Or how they say it where you’re from.

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My fathers side of the family is Jewish. I was raised Catholic though. Part of me believing I was Jesus was that I’m half Jewish and my name starts with J and I was a miracle baby. I don’t hear voices anymore though but couldn’t imagine the torment of them saying “YOU’RE NOT JESUS” I could just picturing that happening and driving me crazy.

Nope, no one has ever mentioned that.

The fear of something was an old way of saying respect, it didn’t mean that you were afraid of it. Back then they would say to fear the speed limit right, or fear the drunk driving laws, it didn’t mean to be afraid of them but to respect them so no one was killed.


I don’t have voices, I have intrusive thoughts. Most of what they tell me is sexual in nature and usually very disturbing/deviant.

My voices tell me to repent my sins.