Voices coming alive

Since they have nearly stopped they are now presenting their selves in my dreams very vividly, is this happing to anyone else.


I haven’t been having that symptom in a long time…but I do have vivid dreams often…and I remember them…I dont think its bad because it means my memory snt so impaired so thats good…I have noticed that Abilify gives me pleasant dreams…I dont have nightmares when I take it regularly, but if I miss a few days I will have nightmares more likely…this means the medication is helping a lot…and I need it/cant skip doses.

It has helped me personally to write down my dreams after I have them in a journal or keep record of them…then use my imagination to imagine how I would like to dream differently. I feel a healthy dose of imagination helps ease the symptoms.

Light hearted novels, like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, fantasy—that always has helped keep me in a positive mind set without getting too out there…hope that helps you…I perceive the world intensely, prefer the term hyper-sensitive over schizophrenia…

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So you have seen their appearance?

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I had a dream where my paranoia/delusions were real the other night. It happens every once in awhile. It scares me, then I wake up and ground myself, and realize it was just a dream.

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Yes there was actual faces to the voices. I refer to faces to my voices because I’m dreaming about what the voices would talk about

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when I tried to go off the meds once…some nights upon falling asleep I would see a flicker of people’s faces…sometimes I feel like when I hear random chatter–that its some upper level awareness, or psychic interference…I have a lot of false awakenings–I have somehow managed to turn the sleep paralysis part off when I sleep, so its no longer frightening–I mean I am working on it just like if you were learning a skill…Im learning to lucid dream–and it has unlocked doors for me that would otherwise be closed, consciousness is a beautiful thing-- despite that the mainstream belief stems from Freudian beliefs, I am more on the Jungian spectrum–I believe in the collective consciousness, that instincts drive perception and the self or what we call ourselves can be beyond comprehension.

The old way of thinking is monotheist and materialistic. Have been taking free psychology classes online and it helps me to learn. In the 50s 60s era the two branches diverged, one more of a dualism and the other that became mainstream the materialist perspective…that we are the products of brain chemistry or patterns—when I think we are more than just the products, but also the producers…thats why changing habits and the way you see things can improve your life–just seeing the beauty in an abstract piece of art, like Picasso or van gogh, van gogh empathy picasso strangely subtle brings out this impression of such divine perspective…

even if the dreams I had are just one tier of conscious expression…what if there was no bottom to existence…and no one can explain why often dreams teach lessons…its a willful adaptation…its not random…to adapt and survive there has got to be more out there…

I think you should definitely seek out a skilled therapist–even if schizophrenia wasnt caused by trauma on its own, conquering trauma can benefit anyone, by reducing stress and its effects–improve your life a million times.

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Alot of my experience has been with my past and mistakes I’ve made the voices always throw this in my face and say they are gonna get me. Creepy and I swear has left me with scared. I try not to think or make mistakes so they have no more ammunition against me

Yeah I have to stop myself sometimes…when I get too deep in my thoughts…or else I just make it worse…its hard I guess some things with this illness are a battle that is too hard to conquer by thought alone…but it is helpful to have friends to talk to irl and be out and about…

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I think my voices are scared of me sometimes.

Do they leave you alone when you feel this way

They go away.Quasall.

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