Voices claim to have humour

But they rarely make me laugh


Do have sense of humour? You lok sad dude.

My voices don’t know how to laugh, kind of lame. They sometimes do a little haha, much like Nelson on The Simpsons would do. It gets pretty boring

Stop smoking hashish, or anything.

Nobody, rarely, gets this totally medicated, and avoiding interfernece.

Did you lose the sense of humour things got dark try an ssri maybe. There is a theory that they help depression.

Its a an arabic word, it means grass lol It could also mean marijuana/weed concentrate/extract.

Lebanon is know to export lots of hashish/hash.

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I laugh all the time the voices are gold when they’re on :joy: they heckle me so bad. But yea hmm when it first started I wasn’t laughing

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I’m a wise guy old school bully maybe that’s why I used to be an expert at the art of bullying but I’m mature now!

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I’m really nice though now!!

@matthewj it’s funny you say that, mine remind me very much of the little bullies in grade 6. I punched a few of them out in my day LOL

I never tolerated them screwing with me, or anyone else. When you call them out, they back down pretty fast

Yea the most fun is bulllying the bullies ha ha! I hate bullies

I was scrawny too but I mastered bullying the bullies I’d fight the biggest dudes. I just feel bad about the unpopular kids I bullied but it’s in the past now

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My sister was severely bullied I didn’t let anyone mess with me

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