Voices being implanted speakers

Has anybody thought about the hearing of voices of being speakers implanted during some kind of surgery maybe when they were younger or at another time they might have been in a hospital setting of some kind. Just a thought. Not knowing why the hell anyone would think to do that to someone but it could be so.

Exactly. It’s just your brain messing with you. And do they even have speakers yet that are so small and still so clear when it comes to the sound? At any rate, people have been hearing voices for way longer than such technology has existed.


how do you know? It would be a secret, the government does not let us
people know about the technology they have. Im thinking if you hear clear
voices without fans or other noises associated with it they have to be some
kind of technology and maybe its not your brain screwing with you but

It’s the simplest explanation. No out is out to get you. I know it’s next to impossible not to believe in your delusions when you’re ill, so I’m not going to argue with you. But I hope you listen to your what your doctor says.

If it helps, most of us here have had delusions, a lot of them much like yours, and we got better. I hallucinated a lot (visual) before, but now I rarely hallucinate anything.

People have been hearing voices since before the discovery of electricity. Even the ancient Greeks had reports of hallucinations.

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It is just something to ponder on. I do believe that my schizophrenia is caused from technology that has been around for years without anyones knowledge and my hopes are that shock therapy can break whatever it may be. Meds don’t work and I go through alot of stuff mental and physical. The voices have made me hurt myself before more than once. Hopefully the ect treatment takes it all away. There may be some cases that people hear voices from hallucinations but there also may be implanted speakers or other technology that was put in during a childhood surgery. I had surgery when I was young that is why I think the way I do.

Well, regardless of the reason, I hope ECT ends up working out for you.

Ask yourself if there were a foreign object implanted in your ear during childhood surgery, it would have to show up somewhere where you could see it, X-rays maybe or other scanning devices, right?

When did you have your surgery?
How old are you now?
Has technology changed much in the years after the surgery?
Wouldn’t the device be obsolete by now?

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Thankyou thats very encouraging

I really don’t think they would be allowed to tell you since it would have been a secret in the first place.

It’s not a secret if you know about it.
The first rule of a secret is…you don’t know, or suspect it, because if you do, the cat’s out of the bag.

You didn’t say how old you are now.

im 41 yrs old now

I think you are delusional. Having said that; I am delusional too and I believe that all kinds of equipment was put in my brain, body , eyes and ears at some point in the past and, since" they" control my brain, they made me forget they ever put it there. Why do I know ‘now’? Because they told me (in my head). They wanted me to know now so I could be confused and MI. However, I have no details of when or why this ‘whole thing started’. I ask those questions myself.

Anyway, I UNDERSTAND :slight_smile: but I have enough insight (even though I believe it) to know I am very ill and very delusional. I take my meds, go to therapy and try to ‘forget’ that all that is going on. I try to live in ‘this’ reality. Maybe you could try a different med or different dose. I am in the midst of changing insurance and pdocs so I can’t change anything but I am considering asking about a new med once I get established with my new pdoc.

I empathize. I think you are delusional and I think a change in meds or a higher dose could potentially help.

If only I also think they put cameras in my eyes during ear tube surgery when I was 3yrs old but hey Im delusional as if someone could actually see out of my eyes and link up to my thought process, meaning they could see and think for you as if they were you. Meds won’t work but the ect therapy just might. Wishful thinking.

being unstable is dangerous because it can turn paranoid anytime and spiral out of control. please get on meds with working with a psychiatrist. I am sorry you are sick.

Nothing has worked for 13yrs I am doing the ect thing next.

oh! you’re not unstable at all after all. since you don’t need meds good luck there are a lot of people here that don’t believe in meds. those people aren’t really schizophrenic though. they just want to ruin it for those of us who are schizophrenic.

I said the meds have not worked in 13yrs and because I would like to have a life before I am too old I have decided to do ect treatments and hope that will take the voices and the brain issues away so I can lead a healthy life.

I had delusions they had devices on birds which were feeding my information into the world. Doesn’t necessarily make it so!

Yeah. It’s seductive thinking but really. Governments don’t have to be too clever. Your name is passed through like 10 data bases a day and that is if your being clever.

Schizophrenia is about perception … that is the issue here! It just is and it’s not necessarily how you see the world. What may make sense to you doesn’t make sense to 99% of the rest of the population…

Doesn’t that tell you something?

A friend in the struggle,


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