Voices are worrying me

I’m worried today because my voices are trying to instruct me to murder someone :frowning: and hurt myself. I don’t have a mean bone in my body so I won’t obviously. But do you think this is something to worry about or should I tell someone?

I was recently discharged from my local eip team, so I don’t have my CPN anymore :frowning:

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Maybe call 111?

I was referred to primary care plus mental health service after I left my cpn team. I meet up with a mental health nurse once every while like per month. Maybe ur GP has that service if you are interested

I just feel quite worried to do that, I don’t want to be hospitalised again, I can’t afford too not with a child. Maybe I’ll speak to my mum, they’ve never instructed me to do things usually, maybe hurt myself but never to hurt someone else ! :frowning:

I felt I was doing so well, I’m on fast track to the Mental health access point. Maybe it’s just a bad day, but your services sound good. Is that in the uk?

I personally would seek emergency services if I had voices telling me to murder someone and harm myself. I would want the safety of professional help dealing with that type of symptom. You have to decide what level of help you think you need though.


I wouldnt ever act on something they told me to do these days, there has been a time a few years ago, they instructed me to climb onto a roof and I did it. But that was so long ago, I know I wouldn’t ever do something like that again, I’ll definitely speak to my mum and see what she says, my mum has good insight into my condition, and I trust her opinion on this and you guys.


Well you don’t seem too distressed by it. So that’s a good sign. I think that’s key. If you’re able to keep a level head about it then you’ll probably do better. I sometimes panic when I get that sort of thing and need a little more help in dealing with it to get through it. It’s really a matter of what you’re safe with. You sound good though.

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I definitely am not distressed, was worried about it because it’s something that they’ve not done before, maybe I am over reacting, I usually am good at looking past what they say! Thank you for the help leaf


You’re welcome. Good luck.

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Yes sorry that’s only if you’re in the UK. I’m in the UK.

Well if you don’t want to end up in hospital I guess it’s good not to tell services! Cos they might

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Yeah sounds like you got your head screwed on. It must be alarming when they never told you that before. My voices tried to trick me by allowing me to join the provos (provisional IRA) but only (this needed to happen for the voices to stop and to get me out of ‘trouble’)if I murdered my own my mother, to prove myself. Are yours really lifelike and convincing too?

I like your profile pic too :grin:

Yeah that’s what they told me this morning too! If I did then the voices would stop and things would be normal in my head again, I’d rather have the voices :+1:t2: I do think of them as some sort of astral plane, kinda spiritual beings, I’m so done with them though haha, even this morning I was like guys you’ve gone too far!

And thanks can tell I like the simpsons ahaha

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I hope not, just gonna speak to my mum, I’ve asked her to come over after work, she’ll know what to do!

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