Voices are telling me to leave him

I have been having voices telling me to move out and leave my current boyfriend of 3 years. Idk why but I will follow my heart and stay but it’s hard to ignore them… I try coping mechanisms but nothing seems to work that great. I’m afraid I’ll end up in the hospital again soon…

You said were taken off of medication in one of your posts. Why were you taken off of medication in the first place?

Yes I am on Celexa and Klonopin (sp?) and I was on Prolixin but they took me off my Prolixin because it caused me to have a diatonic reaction. So my psychiatrist took me off of it immediately. BUT I have no way to see my doc before the 17th of next month and theres not been any cancellations. So idk what to do. I seen my therapist a few days ago and he tried to get me in sooner but no luck. He wanted me to be admitted at my therapist appointment but I refused.