Voices are slowly coming back

They want me to kill myself theve threatened to kill anybody that’s close to me if I don’t listen right as I write this there making homophobic slurs calling me mean stuff I got a therapist appointment in 2 days I might end up going to the hospital but there are people in there that are actually dying even before the pandemic I didn’t like hospitals there are better people out there

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If you think you might be in trouble, get medical help. Maybe they can give you some haldol to help keep the lid on, so to speak.

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I have a pdoc appointment and a haldol injection due next week

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I’ve heard from other people here that the injection (any injection) can wear off just before it’s due again. Maybe that’s what’s happening.

Yeah I just got on it 2 months ago there gonna adjust the dosage I hope I was doing well for a bit

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I’m replaceable I don’t know im causing problems in this group I feel like the world would be better without me

Here’s the important bit: The voices aren’t real, they have no power, and you can safely IGNORE anything they say or tell you to do. There will be no consequences for ignoring them other than you having an awesome time running your own life, I promise.

Hope you’re feeling better soon.



Don’t believe them they made this stuff to me too. They couldn’t do anything again once they were fading. Listen to music if it helps you I ignored them sometimes because of music.


I’ve been having problems for about a week straight the voices seem to come and go if I feel I’m a danger to myself I’ll call a crisis line I promise it’s just getting worse over the past week and weekend


You’ve made it this far, right? You got this!!!

:hugs: :muscle:


I’m currently listening to smells like teen spirit cover I’m gonna be ok it’s just a very bad week it’s helping a bit


That’s good to hear. Everything will be going ok once you get the help you need.


I took my night meds even though it’s early I’m feeling better but the truly pathetic part is idk if it’s gonna last also should I be complaining so much I know a lot of people have it worse I don’t take my problems as seriously as everybody else’s I don’t care if I suffer at this point I just think more people need and deserve help if someone else had the same issues id think they would need help I don’t know I’m a hypocrite anyway the voices are gone for now


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