Voices are bad today

They keep saying really nasty things and it’s bringing me down. I put my headphones on and it’s helping but I wish they’d shut up.

Dont give any meaning to what they say Voices are triggered by stress, you can tell em to shut up because you dont know who is talking, but be sure it is your brain. I once asked my voices " why you dont insult me when I take my meds?" They respond “because Im a robot” see? Voices just say stupid things


My voices just keep saying stuff like “kill yourself” and I’m just like noooooo.

My voices have been really active since I found out I gained a little weight,

Calling me fat, aging poorly, worthless,

The bit.

Its really helped to play some video games,

Its an active distraction and really passes the time.

Do you have something you like to play?


I find that religion (the theistic, non-pagan kind) seems to make my voices much more polite. They’re more like angels now.

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I’m sorry yours are being mean too. Just so you know they are lying! you are fabulous and wonderful and super cool!

And I’d like to play some videogames but all I can play right now is Pokemon and I can’t focus on it.

Later though I’ll probably play some overwatch or skyrim though! Hopefully it helps.

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My voices are the opposite actually I used to go to church and they would always tell me that I’m evil and going to Hell and that god hates me.

Now I actually practice paganism and I find it helps me.
But I’m glad that theistic religion has helped you!

They were mean at first, but I was persistent about practicing religion and it seems like the voices changed their tune after a while.

Good luck though.

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