Voices are angry

My brother got me into nicotine pouches yesterday and they go in your mouth behind your lip and they give you a real nice buzz. I don’t want anyone to try to get me to quit because I already know it’s bad and I plan on only doing it temporarily and going back to just vaping in the future.

Anyways, the voices have an opinion on every medication, supplement, and drug I use. They HATE nicotine. They say it hurts them really badly. The mean voice keeps repeating over and over, “I’M REALLY ANGRY. I’M REALLY REALLY REALLY ANGRY. I AM SO ANGRY.” and it is commanding me to take the nicotine pouch out of my mouth and throw it away. They are also saying, “Nicotine is bad for you. Nicotine causes cancer. I care about you.” but they really actually hate me and want me to die so it doesn’t make sense that they would say that out of caring love. This is probably the one time I should listen to them because nicotine IS bad for you and does cause cancer but the buzz is too good and it’s helping my poverty of speech too. I’m happy it makes them angry because they make me angry by constantly putting me down, critiquing my thoughts and actions, and never shutting the hell up.

You’re an adult, the choice is yours.

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Thanks for that. I’m 22 I can make my own decisions.

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