Voices and thought process

do ur voices start ur delusions or do u get the delusion first and then the voices join in. all my delusions bar one, started with voices talking abut them. what about u?

both. I had delusions that werent caused by voices, but I recall losts of delusions which were caused by voices.

my delusions come from blurry or confused memories. the voices just exacerbate the condition, disease or whatever it should be called.

how are you doing jaynebeal?


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I never had voices, only delusions.

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I"m not sure…those times are so confused I can’t clearly analyze them…It sort of feels right to say that they both occur simultaneously.

Yes, I’ve been wondering about you too Janye…How are you doing?

A few of my voices are benign, a few trigger intruding thoughts. My delusions have been sparked by events and memories.

Maybe, my biggest delusion was triggered by a voice. I was too young to think of it as a voice. But in my adult life, my delusions will be triggered by stuff I notice around me. I hate to say it, but I have a hard time with local news papers.

Hi Judy and loca. I’m fine at the moment. Thanx for thinking of me. Hope u have a lovely Christmas and new year. Xxx

i have chaotic thinking and then sometimes voices intertwine.
so for me it starts with delusions or after stress in a rest period

thanks jaynebeal. a lovely Christmas to you and yours also. and a happy new year.