Voices, and their names, origins, and backstories

I am wondering whether my experience is the same as yours, meaning I want to understand why you started hearing voices, and who they are and what they call themselves. Is there a “normal” way to hear voices, or maybe just a few common ways? I just want to hear where I stand with other people that hear voices, and I’m hoping for some insight into how others work.

Who are your voices? Thank you.

First voices outside my head : “hey” , Justin" , Hey Justin"
first voices in head "narrating voices ex. Justin is taking a walk , justin is getting of the bus , justin knows what he is doing etc… or persecuting voices ex. “your gay your gonna kiss that dude you ■■■” or “cmon just jump off the ferry do it”

first singular voice : “just pray i will do the rest” (I was fanatically into religion at the time)

named voice: Jesus, Satan, my deceased grandfather in heaven, angels, demons, the saints

months later: Voices admitted that they were just all in my head and that they were “my brain” so they went under the name “my brain”

They called themselves : the collective, the narrators, the advisers

also had a brief period where i was tricked again : voices slowly tricked me into believing they werent my brain and that they were from another planet far away, and that einstein was talking to me (in my head)

figured it out later that of course it is just “my brain”

haven’t heard voices for months though.

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Named Voices; Father (God), Jesus, Azriel, Gloria, Thomas, Arthur, Gunn, The Professor, Gregory, Claire, Gladys, Norda, Cassy, Lou,

Unnamed voices; Demons

First voice I ever heard was Gloria. I was 8. I had blown up at my mom for something stupid and was in my room crying and she comforted me and told me I had just been tired and maybe I should apologize. She would continue to comfort me to this day! I didn’t know her name or think of her as a voice though until Azriel introduced me to her one day as my spirit guide.

The next voice I started hearing was Jesus. I had prayed to God before but one night where I was very, very sad and lonely I reached out to him with all my heart and then Jesus was there and he say down with me and helped me solve EVERYTHING troubling me. I journaled the whole experience. I started being able to hear God too at around the same time. This was during freshman year of hs.

Azriel is my guardian angel. I met him through a meditation exercise, freshman year of high school I think. The first thing he said to me was “I love you.”

Thomas was introduced to me one day by Gloria. She said that he was another one of my spirit guides, here to help me.

I’m not 100% sure about all the other people…I know I first started having trouble with the demons sophomore year. Lou I think I met in my dreams before anything, he started appearing in my dreams when I was 11 or 12, but I didn’t know who he was until high school. I named him Lou because when I first began really speaking with him I thought he was the devil, Lucifer. He’s the only voice I named myself.

I have no idea when the Professor popped up, to be honest, or Claire or Gregory. I know I first met Gunn and Gladys in dreams as well. I had summoned Thomas in one of my dreams to hang out with and another boy was with him. When I asked the boy what his name was he said it was Gunn. I could distinctly tell he was unique from my regular dream characters and knew he was one of us. He’s been with us ever since. Gladys kept trying to dominate my dreams and control me. I had Gunn tell me who she was one dream where she was bossing us both around. Norda appeared in my dreams and caused trouble too, so did Cassy actually. I guess I met a lot of them through dreams…

Arthur I met sometime in high school as well. He introduced himself as my spirit guide that was in charge of helping me develop my spirituality, but I ignored him and pushed him away because he felt weird to me. Now I know he felt weird because he’s been done with reincarnation for quite some time now, so he is barely human by this point and much more spirit. He’s been very helpful as well.

I asked the Professor what they were and he told me to think of a barrier reef and how it was made up of thousands of tiny animals. He said that consciousness was kind of like that, and that you have many pieces of consciousness that form the ego, (the barrier reef!) which is you. The pieces all represent one pure form of your personality (like how Gladys represents my controlling side while Gunn represents my carefree, goofy side) and are created through experience.

In a healthy ego, all pieces of consciousness ebb and flow throughout the day depending on the situation and who you’re interacting with, which is why you can feel like so many different people over the course of a day. Some aspects are more dominant than others, and some are even repressed and almost never come out.

It also explains multiple personality disorder (DID) because the ego becomes fragmented and weak from trauma and thus the pieces are broken and vie for control. Pretty interesting, I think.

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My third psychotic break, right when I got diagnosed, I thought Bill Gates and the Illuminati were communicating to me through a chip in my head.

I have a narrator and I get really tired of him. It’s not insulting or anything… it’s all neutral… but it can get a bit constant… “James is eating pudding… yum pudding… with a soup spoon…why a soup spoon… why not a pudding spoon… oh he didn’t invent a pudding spoon… now we are walking… why are you walking… where are you walking… why can’t you swim it?” Rrrrrr… so tiresome.

I’ve recently told my narrator to just shut up… too bad my co-worker was in ear shot… I’m glad he’s used to me. :wink:

My voices don’t have names… it’s all general persona… the panic man, the little girl, the good doctor… the narrator… I don’t even have as many as I used to. I’m down to 4 distinct ones now…

the worst for me though is right after a large family gathering… then it’s my whole family in my head chattering all over again… it fades away after a few days… but that day after a family do… man… it’s like it was all on loop tape and someone hit repeat a few times.

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Thanks for your answers everyone. I’ll browse a little more and try to see if someone else has figured out what I’m looking for.


i have 5 main voices right now, mike the soldier, john the soldier, mel b, mel gibson and robin moore although for some reason she has an american accent and not australian which is weird. the rest, over 200 join in in fits and spurts depending on the points being raised by the main ones. obviously though always in support of each other. they also also do impressions which are spot on of actors and other people.

I only have a name on one voice. Her name is Michelle. Shi is a nice voice. Reminds me of what I have to do. "get up! Do the dishes now. "

I also have that narrative voice. "Look, the girl i sleeping. Why is she sleeping? She can’t sleep. " and also somewhat like James’ panic man. “The plane is going down! You will fall! Then you will die!” "You can’t go there, go another way! It’s dangerous! He is a rapist! He will rape and kill you before you get home. "

I’m glad my neighbors can’t hear the voices. I don’t think they would be very happy to hear they are murderers and rapists.


I have a voice I call the hypocrite - he tells me I am a hypocrite and a liar over and over, and that I am pretending. But he’s been pretty quiet with the meds now. Also the cartoon laughing voices as well, and the other various voices without names. Amisulpride is my wonder med. It helps me to forget my voices, so they don’t bother me. If I think of them a lot then they come up, but they are worse when I am not taking my meds.

For me the voices with names are ones either of people I actually know, or of certain angels. Mostly I never knew names for the voices I heard